Why Live operators are the best choice for your business

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When it comes to choosing the right answering service for your business, many opt for an automated system with an auto attendant functioning as their initial point of contact. But what if we told you that a live operator answering service provides countless advantages that could ultimately make all the difference to your business and customers alike. — here’s why.

One of the main issues with automated systems is that customers rarely feel comfortable talking to a machine or bot when calling into a business. With a live operator answering service, customers can talk to real people who are far better equipped to handle their inquiries compared to computer bots. This will lead to a much more personalised and positive customer experience on every call they make to your business. And that translates to increased sales and customer retention.

With an automated system, there’s always the risk of calls going unanswered if something goes wrong or if the line is busy. Having someone there to answer each call ensures you don’t lose out on any potential leads or valuable information that may have been passed on during the conversation. This means that staff doesn’t have to be worried about losing important calls or checking voicemails when they’re away from the office. They can direct inquiries straight through to operators who can take down messages and accurately pass them along to the right personnel.

Live operator answering services also provide extra features such as follow-up calls or appointment scheduling, which programmable systems cannot offer. This allows customers to book appointments or ask for more information without needing multiple steps or manual assistance from staff members.

Although automated systems can initially seem like a more cost-effective option in the short-term, over time it’s likely that investing in a well-rounded live operator answering service will actually save money. This is because of its increased efficiency and flexibility in how your company communicates with customers when taking their calls. It can also translate to a higher rate of customer satisfaction, which helps to increase sales.

Having a real person at the other end of the phone line provides many benefits compared to using an automated system. Here’s a few to consider.


Knowing every customer call will get answered by someone knowledgeable in handling queries.


So you know you won’t be missing out on potential leads. Increased customer satisfaction due to providing both better customer experience and additional services.

Cost savings

Either via improved efficiency or reduces the need for manual intervention.

More Personalized

Live answering services provide more personalized customer service and access to expert knowledge in the field.
Can offer specific advice
Live operators are better able to handle difficult inquiries or offer specific advice than automated attendants.

Deeper customer experience

Live answering services can recognize customers and greet them by name, which enhances the customer’s experience.

More accurate interaction

Live operators can take messages and direct calls to the right person, while automated attendants often struggle with recognizing a caller’s needs. They are also better at understanding the tone of voice, making sure that an appropriate response is given.

For these reasons alone, it’s definitely worth considering using a live operator answering service instead of relying solely on auto attendants!

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