Realtors shouldn’t run their business without an answering service

Realtor answering service

Realtors are under a great deal of pressure to remain accessible to their existing and potential clients at all times. Having a professional answering service is essential in ensuring that they don’t miss important calls and inquiries for their business. Here are a few reasons why realtors should never run a business without an answering service:

1. A professional answering service is always available, even when you aren’t. Realtors often have to rush from property viewings to meetings, leaving no time for picking up the phone or long conversations. With an answering service, there will always be someone on hand to take calls and pass messages along in real time.

2. A realtor’s time is extremely valuable and they need a service that can help filter out unwanted or irrelevant calls. An answering service can qualify prospects to filter out tire kickers vs serious buyers. Having someone who can distinguish between the serious inquiries and those that don’t require a reply can save time and money for the realtor in the long run; allowing them to focus on more pressing matters.

3. For realtors, many times there’s a need to provide phone services in multiple languages. A professional answering service can provide access to multiple languages, meaning multilingual customers won’t be left unable to communicate with the business; this is especially important for international clients who may not speak English fluently but are still interested in their services.

4. Answering services are always available, even when the realtor is away from the office or on vacation. This is a big plus in an industry that requires a high level of availability.

5. By using an answering service, real estate agents are also giving themselves access to additional features. Think texts to relay call details, round-the-clock service, lead capture with MLS listings access, customized answering exclusive to the agency, property management answering and dispatch, and so much more. This will streamline the customer communication processes within the real estate agency and make it easier for customers to get in contact with them quickly and efficiently. No need for customers, prospects or tenants to wait hours for a response email/call back from one of the agency team members.

In conclusion, having an answering service for real estate agents is essential to ensure that they remain available to their clients at all times. This can help them filter out unwanted calls, provide multilingual services, and give access to additional features such as round-the-clock services and lead capture with MLS listings access. With these benefits, it’s clear why no realtor should ever run a business without an answering service. Investing in this type of technology will pay off dividends for your business in the long run!

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