Patients are a Priority Anytime They Call

Patient Priority

Patient phone calls are a necessary part of any healthcare business. Answering these calls promptly and accurately can ensure that your practice will offer every patient the best possible experience. Let’s discuss some tips for handling patient phone calls effectively.

1.Be Helpful 

Patients should feel like they are being heard and that their concerns are always taken seriously. Be certain to listen carefully to each caller and note their specific needs. If you need to transfer the call to another staff member, be sure to do so quickly and efficiently.

2. Be Patient 

Each caller is an individual with unique needs and concerns. Treat each call with the same level of care and attention. Keep in mind that some callers may be more challenging than others. It is always important to remain calm and professional to ensure you are providing the absolute best service.

3. Be Organized

This means having a system in place for taking down or recording messages as well as having a well thought out message delivery process. You will need to consider how to manage calls that are urgent and also those that can be addressed at a later time. Answering patient calls can be time-consuming but staying organized will improve patients experience and outcome.

4. Be Proactive

Calls need to be answered when you are not available. That can include weekends, holidays, after hours or even lunch breaks, staff meetings or days when you are short staffed. Most Medical Practices partner with a Medical Telephone Answering Service. Most Services will build a custom account with instructions for each type of call and message delivery protocols. HIPAA compliance and secure messaging is necessary along with professionally trained and competent agents that will manage each call quickly and correctly. A Medical Answering Service will give your patients peace of mind knowing that their call will be answered anytime.

If you are considering using a Medical Answering Service, research different providers to find one that best meets your needs.

Answering patient phone calls is an important part of running a healthcare practice. By following these tips, your patients will receive excellent service and know that you care about their wellbeing.

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