How Employee Call-off Lines Can Help Your Business

Employee call-off lines

Employee Call-Off Lines are a great way to ensure businesses are not short-staffed. They work by directing employees to call a specific or dedicated number to report their absence or late arrival. This allows your business to plan accordingly and make sure that you are always properly staffed. Employee call-off lines can be especially helpful for businesses that have employees who work outside of “normal” business hours. Call-off Lines can also help keep track of employee absences and make sure that employees are only taking the appropriate amount of time off. Employee call-off lines are a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

Here’s how an Answering Service can help

A Telephone Answering Service is available to receive calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This will ensure that your employees can call off when they need to, any time of the day or night. Using a professional, experienced Answering Service, such as Professional Communications Messaging Service Inc. (PCMSI), you will be able to easily monitor absences and/or tardiness so that your business can keep track of who is taking time off and when. It is also helpful when needing to meet government guidelines for employee absences or personal time off such as FMLA, paid time off (PTO), sick leave, workers compensation, etc.

Many business owners or managers are too busy and simply cannot be available to answer employee call-off lines round-the-clock. This is where an Answering Service can be a tremendous help. By having a dedicated service available to answer these calls, your employees can report their absence or tardiness hassle free.

Let’s look at how the process works

Your Answering Service can supply you with a toll free or local number that will be dedicated for your Employee Call Off Line. When needed, employees will simply call the number and your Answering Service will answer in your company name and then manage the call using your custom instructions. Information that you need will be taken. Common details collected include the date and time of call, employee’s name, date of absence, and a description of the illness or other reason for calling off. Messages can be delivered immediately or held for certain delivery times. All messages can be sent via email, text, phone call and/or posted to our secure portal, or sent to our secure messaging app, to the team member(s) you would want to be alerted.

Quickly schedule replacements

Employee Call-Off Lines can also help your business quickly schedule replacements. When an employee calls off, the Answering Service can relay specified information to a staffing agency or your own company scheduler. This will help your business keep up with staffing needs and prevent it from falling behind because of sudden absences. Anyone on your team can receive some or all of the messages. An experienced Answering Service company will partner with you to build a custom account that will meet your every need.

Management benefit

Employee Call-Off Lines relieve your already busy management team from having to take these calls and document the call off or late arrival. They, as well as anyone else you want to include, will be notified of the call and will be given the details in real time or at predetermined scheduled times.

Employees benefit

Employee Call-Off lines give all your employees an easy and hassle-free way to call in for an absence. Knowing that they will not be waking a fellow employee or manager will give them peace of mind to call any time of the day or night. Call off policies are easier to follow knowing that every call is recorded, time stamped and delivered.

Let’s sum things up

Having an Employee Call-Off Line in place is an immense help for businesses of any size. An Answering Service company, such as Professional Communications Messaging Service, will answer the calls whenever they come in and relay the information you need to know. Finally, employees can report their absence without a major interruption to the business.

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