Top 5 Benefits of Working With A Healthcare Answering Service

Healthcare answering service

The healthcare industry is bustling and fast-paced, whether you’re in the operating room, a physician with your own practice, or a healthcare administrative professional.  Sometimes it can be tough to keep patient care as a number one priority.

Patients are calling around the clock for scheduling appointments, refilling prescriptions, and various other needs and requests.  We’ve found that many healthcare professionals like you have wished there was another one of them, or that they had the time or budget to hire a full-time employee to cater to patient needs.

However, it’s not always as easy as it may seem.  In the healthcare industry, you want to make sure you’re hiring the right person to be the face of your company.  The hiring process can take months when mixed with an already busy schedule.  So what alternatives do you have? Consider hiring a healthcare answering service and reap the benefit.

1.    Build patient rapport

Stand out in your patient’s mind by providing an appointment setting team who’s committed to the job. Utilizing a healthcare answering service to set appointments is a great way to let your patients know that getting them in for the care they need is your priority.  Patients who feel taken care of more likely to refer their friends and loved ones.

2.    Increase patient trust by being available 24/7

Having live operators available for every single call day or night shows your patients that you’re dedicated to providing them the highest level of care and peace of mind.  A healthcare answering service will be available around the clock, so you don’t have to.
3.    Ensuring HIPPA compliance.

There are clear advantages to hiring a healthcare answering service.  However, hiring a medical answering service who’s trained in HIPPA compliance is your ace in the hole.  A good healthcare answering service provider keeps up with the latest legislation in protecting patients’ privacy, so you don’t suffer the consequences.  HIPPA compliant healthcare answering services are an all-around win and will protect you from hefty fines associated with a violation.

4.    Financial efficiency.  Let’s talk business

In our experience, saving money is every healthcare professional’s favorite topic. Hiring a medical answering service is a smart move for the business savvy.  There’s no overhead associated with hiring a new employee.  No liability.  Keep it lean and mean by hiring a professional answering service.

5.    Increased Productivity

Who can forget the added bonus that comes with hiring a healthcare answering service? Productivity! Think about the workload you’ll be lifting from your in-house employees so that they can focus on other aspects of your business. Shifting priorities helps boost employee morale, too.  Happy employees as a result of hiring a professional answering service are just what the doctor ordered, in our opinion.

At the end of the day, most healthcare professionals know that patient care is the name of the game.  You’re only able to control the short amount of time your patients interact with you.  You may have the best bedside manner, but if your appointment staff is lacking, your practice will suffer.  Make sure you’re putting your best foot forward at all hours of the day for your patients by hiring a HIPPA compliant healthcare answering service.  A month from now, you’ll be thanking yourself for deciding to hire an answering service.

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