7 Ways an Answering Service Can Change Your Business

Every good business owner is always looking for ways to improve. Let’s face it, as much as you’d like to; it’s just impossible for you to be at your business every second of every day. However, you never know when a customer might find themselves needing to get in touch with you. An answering service can’t solve all of your problems, but we think it can solve more than you thought.

Round the Clock Responsiveness
One of the more popular ways an answering service can change the way you do business is by increasing your company’s responsiveness.

Increased Growth
Many business owners fail to experience growth because they’re too busy taking care of the day to day tasks that come with running the show. Fielding calls, taking orders, and answering simple questions can use up hours of your time. Couldn’t that time be better spent on brainstorming new ideas, putting your personal touch on a few of your current projects, or even finding new strengths in your existing employees? Hiring an answering service to take care of things like order taking, answering incoming calls, and lead capture gives you more time to focus on growing the business.

Trimming the Fat
If you’re trying to lose those ten extra pounds, an answering service isn’t your best solution. Trying to lose those ten extra irrelevant calls? Why not hire an answering service to weed through calls for you? Imagine what your day might look like if you only took important calls that pertained to you.

Customer Satisfaction
A business does well when it’s customers are happy, and customers are happy when they feel that you take care of them. An automated answering machine typically doesn’t make anyone too happy. Try a live operator service to give your customers the personal touch they demand.

More Time to Live Your Life
According to a 2017 article written by CNBC, one of the top 10 mistakes made by small business owners is that they try to be all business, all the time. We’ve all been there, taking too seriously the phrase “if you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself”. Is that worn out adage something we should be taking to heart in this day and age? Probably not. No person is capable of being an expert in every field. Unless you’re an expert in answering calls 24/7, leave that work to, well… the experts. A well- established answering service is the next call you need to make. Balance your work and personal life by leaving some of the grunt work to an expert.

Customer Retention
No matter the size of your company, customer retention is the lifeblood of your success. Do you think customers are more willing to stay with a company who answers with a professional real live human voice, or with an automated answering service?

Company Credibility
You could be running your business out of a garage or behind a desk in a high-rise office on Madison Avenue, but the fact is, that it needs to sound professional when potential customers call, regardless of what makes your business unique.

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