The Simple Path to Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your customers. In a digital age where everyone constantly checks emails, you want to make sure your company stands out from the crowd and entices your customers to click through and read more.

When marketing through emails it is important to consider the presentation and content of your email. A poorly constructed message can land in the spam folder and never be seen by prospects or customers. However, an email that is properly formatted can help your business tremendously.

So, how do you construct an email that will fly past the spam folder and straight into your customer’s inbox?

First: The Subject Line
Writing an effective subject line is the most important and vital step in creating a successful email. A good subject line ensures your email a place in the “inbox” and not the “spam folder.”

Suggestions for writing an effective subject line:
Keep it short and to the point. Your customers aren’t going to take the time to read a paragraph long subject line. Use less than 20 words that summarize and highlight the most important aspects of the email.

Ask intriguing questions. If your customer is interested in what you have to say, it improves the odds that they will open the email to learn more. Compelling offers have also been proven to strike interest in customers. They will want to see more details about the offer and thus open the email.

Ask a “yes” answer question such as “Do you love shopping?” If targeted at the correct audience, all will answer “yes” and open the email to find out more.

Next: The body
Now that you have enticed the customer to read the subject line and open the email, the next step is to keep their attention right to the end. This is the part of email when marketing takes on a huge role. The body of the message should be targeted to the audience you are sending it to. For example, don’t send an email using teenage slang terms to elderly people. Keep your audience in mind when writing the email. You want them to feel like a message sent to hundreds was meant just for them. This is why it is so important to word your emails in a way that makes it seem like you are writing individually to each customer.

It is also important to keep the email interesting. You want the customer to read the email throughout, not just the first sentence. To do this, ask questions, capitalize or italicize important words, and don’t ramble. Keep the body of the email on topic and intriguing.

Lastly: The connection
Your email message’s goal is to market something. That’s why you sent it, right?
However, it is not enough to simply talk about a product, service, or event in an email. You must provide a link or connection to what you are marketing, The goal of your email is to get your customer to take action. Providing a link will make it easy for them to do.

It is also vital to provide a connection to your business at the bottom of your email. Provide an email address or phone number. This will allow the customer to call or write your company about any questions or concerns.

In the customer service industry, we want to make sure we are setting the standard for making our clients feel like they always have our full and complete attention. Follow these steps and you are sure to be on your way into their inbox…not lost in the spam folder!

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