Planning for the Future…as You Hire the Future!

What do the new employees want?

As the working population continues to age, more and more companies are looking to the next generation.  The millennials, a term that brings equal parts excitement and nervousness into the hearts of the average worker.

Why? Because the millennials are different, mostly in the way that every generation is different, but still unique unto themselves. No longer are the old standards of time vs. money enough to convince these individuals to enter the workforce. Because the millennial is looking for purpose in what they do and would prefer to have a strong voice in how that purpose is achieved.

The problem? A significant generation gap. The current workforce in the US is made up of several generations. It is not uncommon to have every generation from the Baby Boomers all the way down to the millennials working in the same office. Each generation has it’s own take on the world and it’s own unique set of norms and values. The trick is finding ways to encourage them all to work together.

In the answering services industry this is something we deal with on a daily basis. Hiring younger employees and working to help them understand the standards and expectations we require of them is key to our success. Guiding our teams to work in harmony is a key focus and something we consistently focus on.

Here are a couple key lessons we have learned along the way.

Communicate….Early and Often!

When working with millennials, and really every generation, in the call center, we have found that clear communication is crucial to our success. Not only do we make a point to tell our team “what” we need from them, but we also tell them “why” we need it. Our goal is to get rid of any grey area as we strive for clear and accurate communication.

And this is especially true with millennials. The millennial generation comes to us wanting, and expecting, a large degree of freedom. And, while there are jobs that allow for that, there are others that require specific procedures, time frames and policies to be followed.

By explaining “why” we have to do things a certain way we make the team member a part of the process. They are free to ask questions and offer suggestions, as we talk about the role and our specific call center business needs.

Realize that Goals Change

The next thing that we have learned is to keep in perspective that goals change over time. What used to work in terms of motivating our professional communications team may not be as effective anymore and that means it’s time for us to try new things.

For years many businesses have operated under the understanding that offering someone more money would mean they would be willing to give more. More time, more effort, more creativity….just more.

Today? That might not be the case. Yes, money is, and always will be, a factor but it isn’t the only factor. People are tired of spending all of their time at work earning money and not enjoying a healthy work/family balance.

We have used this as an opportunity at our call centers to get creative and think outside the box. Instead of more money, try offering the opportunity to earn more time off. Or give a flextime option. Look at the realities of your business to find ways to offer freedom to your employees in a way that supports your business model.

You will find that people, and especially millennials, often flourish when they are give the ability to guide their own success and it is a fun and exciting thing to watch.

Be Willing to Try New Things

Our last piece of advice here is to always be willing to try something new. So many times we stick to an old habit or procedure simply because it is familiar.

BUT! Familiar does not always mean best!

So if someone brings you a new idea, look into it. See if it has merit and if it is feasible in terms of your business model. One thing that we have learned is that millennials have a different way of looking at the world, and different isn’t always bad.

At our answering service company we take an idea and evaluate it to see if it supports our business model while improving our process. If so, then it could be worth a try! But at least looking into it makes your team member feel both heard and valued. And that is a very good thing!

At PCMSI we believe that our team is our most valuable asset. As a veteran in the answering services industry we have learned over the years to focus on the positives and work through the challenges. If you do that then the rest will fall into place. Thank you for stopping by today and if you have any questions about our call center or how we many be able to help you find success then please feel free to reach out. Our team stands ready to help any way that they can.

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